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It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the Korean feed 
					and livestock industry as well as the Korea Feed Association and its members.

The Korean livestock industry produces around 1.3million M/T of meat products per year and is looked upon as one of the fastest growing industry.

This is due to the increased consumption of livestock products coming from economic growth.

The Korean feed industry has expanded in line with the growth in the livestock industry, with an increase of production from 902,000M/T in 1975 and 3,462,000M/T in 1980 to 18,698,320M/T in 2014.

Due to the shortage in domestic forage and feed resources, the Korean feed industry imports most of its raw materials.

The volume of imported raw ingredients is increasing in line with increased production of compound feed. The Korean feed industry plays a major role as a buyer in the world feed grain market, improting 16,000,000M/T of raw ingredients per year.

Member companies of Korea Feed Association produce 66% of the total compound feed produced in Korea.

They are leading the korean livestock industry and the compound feed industry not only as the largest compound feed producer but also as a raw ingredient buyer.

I sincerely hope that we can maintain and strengthen the friendly relationship with you for the development of the Korean compound feed industry as well as you and your organization.

Thank you.