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I’m Heo Young, the chairman of the Korea Feed Association(KFA).

Welcome to KFA website!

KFA was established in 1961, to meet the goal “Growth of Livestock industries by the Feed industry’s development based on Scientific technology”. As of today, we have been growing with not only Livestock & Feed industries, but also Agricultural industries in Korea.

We, KFA members(80 companies & 108 manufacturing facilities) are contributing Livestock industries’ stable and safe production by supplying 70% of feed to Korea.

As a Global leader of feed industry in 21C, KFA expanded “Feed Industry Research Institute” in 2022 to support KFA members to produce high quality & safety and environment friendly feed.

Sincerely appreciate for KFA members and family in Livestock industries for your great support to us.
We promise to keep doing our best to meet your needs and expectation.

Chairman HEO YOUNG