The Korea Feed Association(KFA) was established on July 3, 1961 for the purpose of developing scientific technology in manufacturing compound feed, suppling high quality compound feed to the livestock farmers and to serve for the common interest of it's member companies. The headquarters of the Korea Feed Association is located in Seoul, with branch offices in Incheon and Busan, which are the main trade ports in Korea. Also the Feed Industry Research Institute in the same building was established in 1985 and is responsible for quality control of raw feed ingredients as well as the compound feed itself.

 The major businesses that the Association is responsible for are; controlling the supply and demand of compound feed, procurement of feed ingredients, quality control of ingredients and finished products, proposing various policies for the development of compound feed industry, etc.

 39 compound feed manufacturers are affiliated with the Association. These members own 67 manufacturing facilities that produced and supplied 18,698,320M/T of compound feed in 2014.

1. Board of Directors

Status Name
Chairman and CEO Cho ChoongHoon
Vice Chairman Jang jinseol(Bkfeed co., Ltd)
Vice Chairman Lee Sangmin(Dae Han Feed Co., Ltd)
Executive Director Lee DongHeung

2.Major Functions

  • ■ Establishment of Business Program for Feed Industry
  • ■ Recommendation to the Government for the improvement of Feed Industry related Policies
  • ■ Feed Industry Survey and Research
  • ■ Evaluation of nutrition and safety of imported feed ingredients
  • ■ Unloading and transportation services for imported feed ingredients
  • ■ Feed Industry Education & Public Relations


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